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Members will be able to obtain a day ticket free of charge to fish the following lakes at Todber Manor:

Homeground, Ash, Firs, Hill view, Whitepost top and bottom lakes.

Present your membership card at the tackle shop prior to accessing the fishery. Members are limited to 3 days fishing in each calendar month.

Members must adhere to fishery rules available at , it is advised that members call the fishery on 01258820384 prior to travelling to check for lakes being closed for matches.

The lakes are available 7 days a week.

The information below is taken from the Todber Manor website:


The two lakes at Whitepost hold a big head of carp from 1-5lbs with a few a few larger fish to 12lb. The lakes provides exciting action for anglers looking to get an instant bend in their rod with record match weights to over 300lbs. Small tench and crucians also add to the enjoyment of fishing in a totally relaxing and picturesque environment.

Hill View Lake

Hill View Lake is 2.5 acres in size with 2 islands and has 28 pegs. The lake can be easily accessed from the stone track that runs the majority of the way around the lake and is within walking distance of the holiday cottages. Different to our other pleasure coarse lakes, Hill View is set to be a water that accommodates all disciplines of  coarse angling. The carp angler can sit behind bite alarms fishing for the decent numbers of carp between 8lb and 12lb, while the match/pleasure angler will be able switch between feeder, waggler and pole tactics to bag up on the huge head of small carp, tench and bream present in the lake.

Ash Lake

Ash Lake is around 1.5 acres in size averaging 25m wide with 14 pegs. The lake can be accessed from the stone track that runs adjacent to the lake and is situated just a few hundred yards from the holiday cottages. Ash boasts a massive head of small Carp ranging from 1-3lb but run up to and over double figures in size. This aside Ash Lake is by no means your average commercial Carp fishery and is home to some quality Tench and Bream that have been caught to over 6lb. Ash is fast becoming a firm favourite among Todber Manor’s local anglers.

Homeground Lake

Homeground Lake is around an 1.5 acres in size with 2 small islands and has 15 pegs. For its size Homeground is going to be one of our more densely stocked waters with literally thousands of small carp ranging from 1lb to 5lb and the odd surprise weighing in at over 15lb. Along with the Carp you will also find a good head of small Tench, Bream, Roach and Rudd.

Firs Lake

Firs Lake is the smallest of our lakes with only 6 pegs. Don’t be fooled by the size of Firs as it offers some superb fishing and is situated less than a stones throw away from the 5cl site. Firs is a mixed fishery with carp to over 10lb, Tench to 5lb and some specimen Perch to over 3lb. Other species include Bream, Roach and Rudd.