Hatchet Pond

A 12 acre lake set in the New Forest historically known for its huge Bream (well into double figures)
but more recently renowned for its Carp and Tench fishing.
Carp well into double figures are caught regularly with fish to near 40lb reported.
Good bags of Tench and Bream are commonplace throughout the Summer months.
Hatchet Pond James Church with a Bream
Opening Times: 
1hr after sunrise until 1hr after sunset
Fishing June 16th to March 14th Only
Location & Parking: View Map
Species: Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Pike, Eels

Special Notes:

Four rods only per day. Please reframe from unnecessary noise.
Tickets to be obtained prior to fishing and must be returned the same day.
2 Tickets available from Ringwood Tackle and 2
Tickets available from Lonis at New Milton.
Only dead marine fish should be used as pike bait.
Conditions, which must be strictly adhered to, are printed on the
Forestry Commission ticket. Forestry bailiffs will report you if you are not in possession
of a Forestry permit.