Throop Reports

Throop report 23-08-2015


Hi Guys, welcome to a very late Throop report.

Many apologies for the lateness, so much has happened since the end of the river season, first of all the Throop manager Chris Allport has resigned after many years’ service, I was asked if I would take over the job and after some serious thought I decided to have a go.

There is much more at being a manager than meets the eye, so the first job was to get organised, the bailiffs were notified and work began.

Apart from strimming the footpaths the steps upstream of School Bridge needed replacing, this was done with the great help from George, and as most people know him "IRISH GEORGE" , so from now on he will just be known as George by me.

new steps.....with George.

Then it was a major task to refurbish the School Bridge swim that was eroding away quite badly, the EA attended with my request for some help but they were unable to assist me at this moment of time due to low funds.

So it was off the various contacts to obtain some materials and the job was undertaken with the help of bailiffs, Leigh...Dave...Richard and Sal, we backfilled with 3 tonnes of type 1, this seems to have done the trick, it’s a bit hard to get a rod rest in at the moment but plans are in place to top up the swim with top soil, that is IF the swim stands up to any winter floods.

refurbished swim.

The Famous Mud swim was also refurbished with the help of George and Norman, this was done ready for the winter fishing from this productive spot.

Mud Swim

The backwater which is situated downstream of School Bridge was badly blocked, this was cleared by all the lads, many thanks to John Rushton, Dennis, Peter, George, Norman, and Tina who supplied the coffee and cakes, and apologies' if I have missed anyone.

This work was carried out to introduce a shelter for any fish, and hopefully aid any future spawning.

Already this project has seen a small growth in some healthy looking weed on the gravel, and many fish have already been seen in this area, including some small Barbel and Trout amongst the Chub and Roach.

back water blockedbackwater open

Then we had a problem of horses that have taken a liking to some cars that were parked at the top gate at Barbel corner on Throop Road, this job was tackled and a fence was placed on the inside of the boundary, but the horses were determined to do their best to remove these poles.

The ground at this point is made up of all the rubble when the wall and drains were installed so the poles were a nightmare to install, we are going to rectify this by installing a small fence on the wall, we hope this can rectify the problem once and for all.....let’s hope the farmer don't allow Giraffes into the field.

newly erected fence.

So with quite a bit of the work complete, and I must add with a lot more still to do, we had a few trees come down, one of these trees was a major operation, but with the help of ALL the bailiffs we were able to clear the river of this monster, this tree was situated down the bottom of the steps at Holdenhurst.

big tree removal.

We  also had a nasty tree that was laying across the path up by Blackwater, it has been there for a long time and was getting lower and lower, so with the help of bailiff Leigh and Richard Randall, we succeeded in removing this difficult monster....well done.

Photo of before treetree job done

So that has more or less kept you up to date with what has happened on the fishery..............NOT QUITE....

The paths have been Strimmed so many times we have lost count, as with going into the river to cut the dreaded weed, this too has been a nightmare, as soon as it is cut, it then grows due to the lack of rain and bright sunlight the weed has been prolific on the Stour and Avon.

We had one good session of rain that rose the river for just one day and then it was down again, amazingly has I write today Sunday 23-8-15 ,.it has been absolutely chucking it down, complete white outs, let’s hope this continues for a few days and puts a good head of water on.

So how is the fishing going ?

Well it has been tough, but don't be put off by the very low looking water, the gravel patches that have been created by our weed clearing are much deeper that your think, on average this very shallow looking spots are on average 3/4 feet deep, enough to hold some good fish, and these can be seen quite easily even without polaroid glasses .

Glens Weir

Thanks to Ian Harrison for his photo of Glens Weir......Ian has also been very successful in bringing some nice fish to the net, including double figure  Barbel to 11lb 2ozs and some great Chub including one of 6lb 13ozs on Friday 21st August.

Barbel catches have not been of multiple catches due to the conditions but we still have had quite a few double figure fish being landed, the best went over 14lb with quite a few of 13b also being landed.......bailiffs George and Sid have been amongst the captors.

It was great to see some Barbel in the 2/3lb range also being brought to the net

The Chub have also been caught in some good numbers with many fish topping 6lb, Roach are also making a good show with the best recorded fish so far weighing in at 2lb 5ozs, with many fish over 1lb being landed.

Perch are also being caught in good numbers with fish in the 2lb 8oz range being recorded, Pike are also about with double figure fish being landed.

Sam Pask with a Chub of 6lb 9ozsSam’s Uncle Phillip from Switzerland with a PB 6lb 4oz Chub

Chris Brewer with a Chub

George cutting weed

Dennis Keith has been very successful, a great catch in one session was 11 Roach to 2lb 3ozs, plus a Chub of 5lb 6ozs and a Barbel of 9lb 9ozs.

Tony Reeves had a PB Barbel of 14 lb....well done mate and congratulations.

Tony Riley has been successful landing mixed bags of fish including Roach, Perch and Chub

At the moment I have got a new computer which I am trying to get to grips with, so be patient with me I am sure I will master it, although I am still having a few problems, so this post is a bit of a try out.

If you have any reports or photos, please send them to me on  or give me a ring for river conditions 07740777967.

Good luck


Brian Willson Throop Manager.

End of season report.


Hello all and welcome to the end of season report.

So what sort of season have you had ? .................don't ask, was the reply from many anglers.

Some anglers have gone away with a smile on their faces, a personal PB maybe or just a really good day on the river, but what's to blame ?

Mainly it has to be weather and water conditions, but we hope to see a great recovery next season and many anglers on the riverbank enjoying the splendid river here at Throop.

So let me start with the report.

Wednesday February 18th.

Brothers David and Mike Bowman were back on the banks after some Pike, last time they were here they plied me with some Brandy to warm up the blood in my veins.

The river today is coloured and rising after another soaking from you know who above, but after some hard going it was Mike who landed a nice river Pike of 11lb 8ozs, well done to you mate, so apart from the only fish of the day, Mike took my advice and purchased an OAP day ticket which saved him a few bob, well done lads and many thanks for the report and keep swigging the Brandy.

Tuesday February 24th.

We have a few late reports come in today and we start with John Wrasse who has captured a couple of nice Pike, the first weighed in at 17lb and the second fish weighed in at 21lb 3ozs, well done John two cracking fish.


Another late Pike report came in from Chris Martin from Bath who captured a nice Pike of 21lb 12ozs, that was nice Chris, well worth the trip.


Next up with a stunning capture on New Year’s Day, it's Pete Harrison with a PB Barbel that hit the scales to a stunning weight of 14lb 4ozs, congratulations on your PB and thanks for letting us share your capture, well done.


The last late report that came in today was from Chris Blake who made the two day trip all the way from France, on January 29th he had the river to himself, it was just after the rare snowfall, using roving tactics he baited a few swims and started his roving, on a hard day he managed 3 Chub to about 4lb.


The next day on the 30th Chris again was on the banks, only this time it was a RED LETTER DAY, on his first cast in his first swim he hooked and landed a Chub, he then went on to land 14 Chub, the best he has ever done going back to over 30 years fishing on Throop, he lost two fish through hook pulls but it does not end there......two Chub at 6lb 1oz and 6lb 8ozs, plus quite a few in the 4lb range, but then came his PB, a stunning Chub that weighed in at 7lb ! what a great day, well done on your catch and congratulations on your PB.

Wednesday February 25th.

Today was one of those days when you would have thought that there was a chance of a Barbel being landed, but despite a warm air temperature and the water temperature being just right along with some coloured river it was not to be, so with just a couple of reports the days fishing was grim.

Avon manager Phil Nixon only managed a Bream and with the conditions just right for Barbel you would have put money on Phil landing old whiskers.

We met up with a new member who has recently moved to the area, his name is Dennis Keith, and I do believe he is going to be an asset to us as a new member and here he is with a Perch of about 1lb 8ozs.


Friday February 27th.

Just one report for today, as I was fishing John Cadd appeared on the opposite bank and informed me that his only bite of the session resulted in a Chub of 6lb 12ozs.

Saturday February 28th.

Our old mate Robin Hamilton travelled down from London to try his luck at our famous Chub, and it proved a nice session for him, he landed three Chub, one of 4lb 9 oz. and one a bit smaller at about 3lb, but the best was yet to come when Robin had a PB, it was a cracking Chub that weighed in at 6lb 14ozs.....well done mate and congratulations on your new PB.

Sunday March 1st.

When most people are at the supermarket or at Church, this Sunday saw George Barnby escaping the grips of doing all the Sunday chores and fleeing to the riverside, and his plan paid off with a nice little Chub of 4lb 8ozs, David Norris was on hand to take a photo, well done guys.


Monday 2nd March.

Phil McGuire and his three mates from Yorkshire arrived at a very out of sorts River, the river was not kind to the lads and they struggled landing just a few bits and pieces, unfortunately I do not receive any updates on their second day, they were going to the River Trent after their bash on Throop so let’s hope they made up for a grim time on Throop.

Tuesday March 3rd.

Bailiff John Rushton was one of five anglers on the banks today, despite losing two good fish through hook pulls, John continued his roving tactics and landed 5 nice Chub with the best fish weighing 5lb 10ozs.

Mark Baldwin was also on the banks and he had just one fish and it saved a blank, a nice Chub of 4lb 12ozs.


Wednesday March 4th.

At last a Barbel has been caught, this was taken by a visiting angler that was on the opposite bank to George Barnby, this fish was weighed in at a cracking weight of 14lb 4ozs, this a known fish and was first caught at a weight of around 10lb, it has a hole alongside its eye, it was named by George, he call it "THE SUCKER FISH " and that's because it was caught quite a few times.

Unfortunately we never got the name of the angler, so good luck to him and well done whoever it was.

Thursday March 5th.

Keith Little was on the banks today with a couple of weeks fishing in Dorset and Hampshire, but today was a struggle and all he could muster was a Pike of 6lb on a boillie, but how lucky he was, Mick Browning was at hand to show his skill in landing the fish. 

Friday March 6th.

Again it was very quiet on the fishery regarding the amount of anglers that was on the riverbank, but there were a few reports.

First up is Mark Baldwin who must have been using some exotic bait, he was trying to tempt a Barbel or Chub but all he managed was three Pike that took a liking  to baits.

Phil Nixon tempted just one Chub to the hook.

Bill Graham was on the banks with John Rushton, must have been great to see two bailiffs strolling the banks hand in hand, but to be serious, if that's possible, John was putting Bill on a swim or two, well it did work, Bill landed 6 Chub in the session, don't ask what John caught, it was not good, but after all he was showing Bill the ropes.

Another of the bailiffs was on the river fishing, it was Andy Wyatt, he too had six Chub in the session and just look at this for a nice Chub haul, we will start with the smallest and save the biggest till last.....5lb 9ozs..5lb 15ozs..6lb 0zs..6lb 10ozs..and another at 6lb 10ozs and the biggest at 6lb 15ozs, now that is a good fishing session.


Saturday March 7th.

With the water temperature of 47.4 f...8.6 c what can we expect today, well it was George Barnby who had two Pike on meat, enough to pull the rod round and set your heart pumping to no avail.

John Cadd had a couple of Chub to 6lb 4ozs.

Rick Willson sat next to me and had a Chub of about 3lb on his first cast, I just had to take a photo to prove how jammy he was .


I suppose you are wondering how I got on, well my first cast was retrieved after one hour only to find that I had managed to find a new snag that has appeared, I had to pull for a break, after re-tackling I you can keep on wondering. (ok I blanked)

The Wolverhampton Wanderers were on the riverbank today.


What I mean is that four lads from Wolverhampton were on the river today hoping that they might catch a fish or two, now I don't know whether they support the Wolves or not but four very nice lads.

So we have Mike Bowker....Martyn Lloyd...Pete Thomas....and Steve McCloud, now Mike being a decent sort of chap told Steve where to fish and sorted him out a perfect swim.........well done worked.....Steve was overjoyed when his rod went round and at the end of his line was a great was a Barbel of 13lb 9ozs, great stuff Steve and congratulations on your PB.


Next was Mike, the heavens shone on him as well, he too had a PB, this time a Chub of 6lb 1oz, congratulations to you as well.


Next it’s the turn of Pete, I don't suppose it would be possible for him to have a PB as well, could he ?................yes he could, he's gone and done it    another PB, it’s another Chub and this one weighed in at 6lb 7ozs, so it’s another congratulations.


Last but not least we have Martyn who chose to fish a swim that has been poor all season, I told him to fish the same swim but from the opposite bank where bait presentation would be much better, he took my advice and moved.

So what happened next ?......surely Martyn is not going to be left out of the PB trophy’s.........................the answer is NO........................................

He too has managed a PB as well, this one is a fabulous Chub of 7lb 6ozs, my God what a trip these lads have had, well done to you all and another congratulations on your PB Martyn.


Sunday March 8th.

Today I start with an apology, on my last report I mentioned Gary Moss, that was the wrong name, it should have been Gary Moth, sorry mate I can give you loads of excuses but mainly it has something to do with my age, so apart from getting told off by Gary he did give me some good news, apart from some Roach and Dace that he brought to the net, he also landed a Barbel, and this fish was about 3lb in weight, and that is music to our ears, well done mate.

Gary's mate Simon Daley was also on the banks today, he had a nice bag of Chub and he too hooked a Barbel, but this fish was not landed, he played the fish for about 20 minutes, I stood by with the landing net, and this fish was no three pounder, it was a very good double, but Simon's luck was not in, the hook pulled which was a great shame, Simon was using light tackle for the Chub, I think that the Barbel may well have been foul hooked because this stubborn fish just kept hugging the bottom......bad luck Simon we both would have loved to have seen this fish netted.


I have also had a late report in today, this was for a couple of Pike that were caught over the past few weeks, the captor was Alex Ball, two cracking fish were landed, well done Alex.


Tuesday March 10th.

Today the sun is shining and its a nice warm day for the anglers to enjoy, it was quite busy on the fishery today although I only had three reports come in.

The first catch report was from Dennis Keith, he has suffered from a few lousy days working very hard to tempt a bite, but today that was all change, today he had a good session and must have gone home very pleased, the catch today was an all Chub affair, after dropping a few fish including a Barbel he landed 5 nice fish, 4lb...4lb 4ozs...4lb 7ozs....4lb 10ozs....and 5lb, well done mate, you see, now do you believe me, I told him there were fish in the river.


Angling Ace Terry "Theo" Theobald from South Wales was on the banks with his trusty trotting tactics and again he landed 6/7 Chub.

Lawrence Goldsmith was again on the banks after his Perch and again he was very successful, 7 Perch to 1lb 12ozs were landed, but he did lose four more, he also managed to land a small Pike of about 2lb.

Wednesday March 11th.

Today was one of those days when the fish decided it was time for a meal and fell to a few hooks, first up we have Andy Wyatt who seems to be able to catch a fish when many fail and today was no exception, he firstly targeted the Pike and was rewarded with a nice run as I was speaking to him on the phone, it was landed and weighed and hit the scales at 11lb 6ozs, then came the Chub, 4lb..4lb 6ozs...5lb 6ozs..5lb 12ozs...and 6lb 12ozs.

Then as the light started to fade, old whiskers himself made a show, Andy landed the last fish of the session, a Barbel of 13lb 3ozs.


Again a small Barbel of about 3lb was landed which was good to see.

There was a Chub of 6lb 10oz landed plus one angler landing 6 Chub on the float, there were also a few other Chub catches to unknown anglers.

Tony Riley never had the same luck and could not bring a Chub to hook no matter how hard he tried, but just as a consolation he did sneak four Dace and a Roach, hard luck mate, you get used to it after a while.

Bailiff Sid Johnson, phoned me, he was jumping for joy after landing his PB Chub that weighed in at 7lb 2ozs, well done Sid and congratulations on your PB.

Thursday March 12th.

The end of river season draws even closer and Sid Johnson is again on the river, no PB this time but he did land a nice Chub of 6lb.  

Andy Wyatt struggled today but was rewarded with a Chub of 5lb 3ozs which saved a rare blank.

Richard Brown was also finding it very hard and had to really have a good go to take a bag of small fish, he also pulled out of a decent size Chub, the best two fish of the session was a Trout and a Pike.

Robin Hamilton also struggled and managed just one Chub.

I suppose the best smiling face belonged to Ollie Shortland who landed a PB Chub of 5lb 12ozs, well done mate and congratulations on your PB.


It just goes to show how no two days are the same, one day you are catching, and the next day you are struggling for a bite.

Friday March 13th.

An unlucky day for many, FRIDAY THE 13th, on a very busy fishery I only had one report that came in and the one was from Any Wyatt, this was his last session of the season, today he was lucky to get a swim, but he did manage to land his 50th Chub over 5lb this season, so landing this one was a bit magical, it weighed in at 5lb 10ozs......well done mate a good achievement, he also landed a Bream and another Chub that weighed 6lb 12ozs, this fish was a recapture that he had caught two days before on a completely different swim, quite a distance away.

Saturday March 14th.

Here it is, the last day of the season, and rather disappointing that I only received a few reports.

Sid Johnson has again contacted a couple of Chub, no monsters this time but they were both in the 4lb bracket.

Dennis Keith had just one small Chub to show for his efforts.

David Norris finished the season with a nice size Barbel, this fish weighed in at 13lb 8ozs, David has done better than most this season with his Barbel catches, well done mate........many thanks also goes to Dennis Keith for taking and supplying the photo.


I did get a report of a Pike over 30lb being landed a week or two ago.

Well there you have it, the end of a very weird season, days when the river looked great, the air and water temperature were just right but the fish were just not having it.

We can just put the bad days behind us and look forward to the next river season, and let’s hope it behaves.

Many thanks to those of you that sent me your reports and photos, well done and congratulations on all of you that have achieved a PB or any other great moment that you will cherish.

Good luck to you all.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.


Since sending in my Throop report, Chris Allport has resigned as Throop Manager, we would like to thank him for his service to the club going back many years and wish him well and good luck for the future.


I have accepted the post and hope to serve you all well.







Welcome to the Throop Report for January 2015


The last report was a bit on the sparse side, once again I have to say that this is down to the weather and river conditions, so because of this we have a lack of anglers on the riverbank, but some of the hardy souls that have managed to get their tackle out...( no not that sort of tackle ) and have enjoyed the wonderful peace and quiet of Throop Fishery, and yes some of them have managed to catch a fish or two.

Let me start with a late report from angling guide Kenny Parsons, it was hard work for Kenny on a bit of a miserable day, but his hard work paid off with a nice Chub of 6lb 4ozs, well done Kenny, that certainly brightened up your day.


Monday January 26th

Brian James managed a couple of those average sized Chub, around 3 to 4lb.

Tony Riley was on the riverbank having a go at some drop shotting for perch and landed a nice net full.

Some roving Pike anglers could only manage some Jacks.

So you can now see what a hard day today was.

Tuesday January 27th

And again it is the weather that has had an effect on the fishing, this time for the better, so today is a lovely mild day, and the few anglers that graced the banks really did enjoy the climate change.

I managed to get out and trot a float and was rewarded with a Chub of 4lb 8ozs......hooray at last.

Fishing further upstream from me was Terry "Theo" Theobald and he too was trotting a float, he used a different bait to me, and his bait worked, Terry landed 4 Chub with the best fish weighing in at a magnificent 6lb 12ozs, I did photograph one of his 5lb + fish , he was doing a feature for and angling magazine, so hopefully we can see some great pictures.

How great it was to meet up with Eddy Widdup again, he has now become a new dad, and of course that certainly kept him off the river, but he was rewarded with three Chub with the best weighing 6lb 5ozs.

Congratulations mate from us all and great to see you back.

Another lad that has not been on the riverbank since October is Laurence Goldsmith, Laurie is recovering from an operation, so we all wish him well.

Today Laurie landed 11 Perch to 2lb, well done mate.

Tony Riley was also into the Perch today, he landed six, the biggest was 2lb 1oz, two other fish weighed 1lb 10ozs and 1lb 6ozs, all taken on the float.

Tony also landed a Bream of 4lb 13ozs amongst his Perch haul.

You can all remember poor old Chris Brewer who had all sorts of problems holding his camera still on that dodgy rod rest, well I can tell you all that he has sorted out the problem and just to prove it here is a picture of Chris with a Chub of 5lb 9ozs, well done Chris we are all glad that you are now all sorted out.

Thursday January 29th

I fished this morning with not a bite in sight.

The only other angler on the bank was John Rushton, he managed two Chub while I was watching.

I met up with John later in the day and he added another three Chub to his tally with the best fish weighing 5lb 9ozs.

Saturday January 31st

Just two reports for today, Robin Hamilton has travelled from the deepest part of London for a couple of days, and he is on the fishery with John Rushton, Robin landed one Chub of 5lb 14ozs whilst John landed 5 five lovely  Chub.

Sunday February 1st

Again Robin Hamilton only managed one Chub and it was much smaller this time weighing in at 3lb 8ozs.

Richard Brown also struggled today landing just one small Roach.

Tuesday February 3rd


we must have and angler that is blessed.

The other week Mark was blessed with two Barbel and today he was blessed with a 7lb Chub, well done Mark you certainly have done very well.

Two anglers from Somerset braved the cold and were rewarded with a few Pike to 12lb.

John Rushton was again successful with his roving tactics and had landed two Chub.

I fished for four hours and could not get a bite.

Saturday February 7th

I had just one report in for today and that was from an un-named angler who had 9 Chub on the float.

Sunday February 8th

Again I only had one report for today and that was from Keith Humphreys, and it was quite an unusual report, having lost a good fish Keith decided to change swims and the change certainly paid off, using the same tactics he landed two Salmon, one was a small Grilse and other was a long lean fighting machine, it was a Hen fish that was landed on singe maggot and 18 hook......your skill is second to none....well done mate.


Monday February 9th

And again there was just one report, this came from Aub Harrison, he has returned today after the previous cold and rotten Saturday where he blanked, but today was different, he had a well deserved capture of three Chub, the best weighing in at 4lb 7ozs, a very enjoyable day on an empty fishery.

If you are the type of angler that don't mind a challenge when the going is a bit on the tough side, there is no finer place to be than Throop fishery, its a very relaxing place to be, to face a challenge trying to catch one of those specimen fish that lurk in our waters, give it a go, you will love it.

Tuesday February 10th

Well done to David Dalton and his friend who landed a total of 7 Chub from one swim and a million Minnows from elsewhere.

Scott Gilfoy was back on the banks after a long lay off, he did manage a Chub of 5lb 1oz early on but did lose a nice fish at the net ( there is nothing worse than that ) he also missed a couple of good bites and was pestered by small fry.

I met up with Andy Reynold who on a previous visit had landed a great Perch of 3lb 6ozs, well done mate, and a great photo.

Chub were being taken today with one angler netting 5 plus a very welcome and surprise Grayling, and that was good news.

Wednesday February 11th

One angler today landed 3 Chub.

When I do not name some of the captors, this could be that they do not wish to be mentioned or it may be that an angler has said to me.......( a bloke further up there had x amount of Chub today ) now you know.

Two brothers were on the river today enjoying one another's company, and their knowledge of the river was second to none, they have been fishing Throop for many years.

Today was Piking day for the two brothers, we have Dave Bowman who is a member, he landed two Pike to 7lb, we also have his brother Mike who was on a day ticket, I reckoned that he was a bit tight for not buying a membership, but after seeing that he had paid for a full adult day ticket which was £3 over the OAP price, and the fact that he gave me a swig of his Brandy from his hip flask i have forgiven him.

Mike did however land three Pike to 12lb.......well done lads it was a pleasure to meet you both.....hic hic hic,

Brian Westwood was also wetting his line, and had great pleasure in landing two Chub 5lb, well done Brian.


Thursday February 12th

Steve Howard had one Chub to 4lb up until I left him, but I do believe he had another couple.

One lad fishing the float had 6 Chub but run out of bait so had to pack up.......oh dear !

I had two e-mails this morning informing me of a giant of a Chub being caught, this fish weighed in at 8lb 8ozs and was caught on a lure by Pike angler Adrian Crawford, he was fishing with his buddy Sean, this catch was featured in the February 10th addition of the Anglers Mail and won the Korum specimen cup, this fish WAS caught on Throop.

I do have a photo of this fish but due to copyright I am not allowed to publish the photo on this site without permission, however if you google ,


Also I had a report of one angler landing six Chub and a Barbel on the float, no weights were given.

Mick Browning had a nice bag of Chub, there were four in all with the best fish weighing in at 5lb 8oz, well done mate.


Friday 13th February

This was one of them days when it would be best not to venture outside if you are superstitious being Friday the 13th.

But Rob Rees did venture onto the riverbank with a PB chub of 4lb to beat and that is exactly what happened, the weather was lousy and Rob stuck it out to the very end, it was then that he struck into a new PB a cracking Chub of 6lb 1oz, well done Rob and congratulations.

Many thanks to Scott Gilfoy for taken the photo and sending in the report.....well done lads and thanks.

Sunday 15th February

Despite a lovely warm day there were not that many anglers taking advantage of the warm sunshine.

I float fished bread and struggled for a bite, but when the first bite did appear I hooked the fish and had the hook pull after 10 seconds, but another bite appeared shortly afterwards and I landed  a Chub of  4lb 15ozs, and believe it or not it was on my very last slice.

Many thanks to Mark Church for taking the photo, if you cant remember what Mark looks like, then that's his thumb in the photo.

A pike angler further up the river on the opposite side landed a good Pike of 21lb 3ozs.

Bailiff Andy Wyatt had a nice Chub of 5lb 14ozs and Pike of 10lb 8ozs in the first hour he then had to wait quite a few hours for the next fish, and it was three more that came to the net, all Chub...5lb 14ozs....4lb 13ozs....and 5lb 7ozs.......well done mate.

Gary Moss worked very hard for his catch on the float and was resting the swim in between catches, five Chub were brought to the net.

Gary's buddy Simon Daley also had to work very hard for his bag of Chub also on the float.

Pete Wilson was another one of those float fishing anglers that had to work very hard for their Chub catch. 

I wonder how many times those floats were trotted through the swim in a six hour period ?

Keith Humphreys was fishing with Geoff Atlee and they to had to work hard for their target, Keith had a couple of Roach whilst Geoff landed a couple of Chub...............Is it spelt Jeff or Geoff ?   let me know lads.

Colin Smith was down the other end of the fishery and landed a Chub of 4lb 2ozs, well done Colin.

Monday 16th February

What an absolutely dreadful morning, the rain has been lashing it down, what a shame when a plan hits a snag, and that what has happened to a couple of lads from Barbel Fishing World, Graham Hunt and Tony Pearson having been planning their trip for four weeks and are faced with very tough and miserable conditions, Tony missed a couple of pulls but Graham was fortunate to contact and land a Chub of 5lb 13ozs, well done mate, lets hope the rest of the trip produces some fish.

Tuesday 17th February

Another tough day on Throop, a very heavy overnight frost along with rising dirty water, lots of branches a  rubbish coming down, along with bright sunshine.

There were just five anglers on the banks today, one was John Rushton who landed a couple of Chub with his roving tactics, whilst upstream Brian James cast out and 30 seconds later he was into a Chub of 5lb 13ozs, and that was it, not another bite.

I reckon I had the catch of the day, in- between dodging bits of  tree and branches, I caught this fabulous item, it was A ROSE, in perfect condition it was skilfully brought to the bank to be taken home to Tina for a belated Valentines Day surprise.

This photo was posted on the Ringwood Forum, I am sure I recognise the angler but I would like to know his name and how big was the Pike.

Let me know please...........................

Well that's about it for now, the weather and river conditions cant make its mind up, at the moment the rain is again lashing down and this morning ( Thursday 19th ) no one was on the fishery, this really is a shame especially as there is just over three weeks left of the river season, what amazes me is the amount of anglers that that have not ventured out for many weeks.

Many thanks for all your reports and photos, well done for your catches and congratulations on any PB that has been achieved, please keep your reports and stories coming in they are greatly appreciated.......

If you require any info on the river conditions or the weather here at Throop, call me on 07740777967 or e-mail

Here is a link for the river levels at Throop.....

Here is a link for the 10 day weather for Bournemouth:

Good luck..........Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

Welcome to another Throop report, and once again a very late one

So what is causing the delay in posting my reports:

  • Is it laziness on my part ?
  • Have I got computer problems ?

I suppose I could go on forever, but the simple truth is, lack of catch reports, and the main reason for this is the weather.

The weather has been an absolute nightmare, it's been so unsettled, one minute there was very high winds, then lashing rain, and to top it all very sudden changes in temperatures, both air and water.

And of course I almost forgot, the dreaded virus that has been hanging about in peoples bodies since before Christmas, I was going to buy some new fishing tackle but I have spent all my money on cough mixture and pills........Sorry I should have said WASTED because none of them have worked.

Before I give you a few catch reports I must point out that a few of the same names keep cropping up, a few of these lads are local and have got nothing better to do all day but to sit on a cold and wet river bank, so I am sure you will work out who are the locals.


Wednesday 17th December 2014

Mark Baldwin was on the riverbank and I gave him some of my very special bait that I could not catch a thing on, the result was Mark proved that the bait did work and my angling skills were useless, he landed a Chub of 4lb 12ozs......well done Mark.

Friday 19th December 2014

Mark Baldwin again was catching on my special bait that don't work, this time he landed 2 Bream, one of 4lb and the other at 5lb, plus a nice Roach of 1lb 10ozs.

Tuesday 23rd December 2014

And this time its Keith Humphreys, and looking at the date it had to take the British Army to slide away from the dreaded Christmas shopping and have a few hours on the riverbank, and Keith's plan fell into place by landing two Chub, 5lb 8ozs and 5lb 12ozs, well done mate.

Monday 29th December 2014

This time we have float angler Richard Brown who braved the conditions and landed a couple of Chub in the 3lb bracket, many thanks Richard.

Mark Baldwin, who you might now be guessing lives local again never blanked, landing a Chub of about 1lb on the feeder, this one was not on my bait perhaps that's why it was a small one.

Wednesday 31st December 2014

Yes the last day of 2014 and we have Pete Wilson, who is no relation to me, took 3 Chub....4lb 8ozs....5lb 7ozs...and 5lb 11ozs, he also lost one of those Throop big boys that managed to get into some tree roots, unlucky on the big escapee Pete.


Hooray its 2015 and a very Happy New Year to you all.

First on the New Honours list is Aub Harrison, the date is Friday 2-2-2015 and Aub has had  a one bite wonder,

yes we have all had one of those from time to time, one bite and one fish, a Chub of 5lb 10ozs, cheers Aub.

Its still Friday 2-2-2015 and we have  another float angler that has landed some fish, its the turn of Gary Taylor who had two Chub before 10.30am, and then had to wait until 3.45pm to land his third fish, and not a bite in between, the fish weighed in at 4.0lb...4lb 2ozs...and 5lb 2ozs, well done Gary.

ANOTHER APOLOGY HERE.....I have got a couple of photos mixed up, I have posted two photos of ( a cold Peter and Peter getting warmer )

I now think that these two photos could be Gary Taylor, so which ever angler I have wronged, I am sorry, but please let me know and have a good ruc........My suspicion is they are Gary.......mystery of the year...........Gary or Peter?



Here is one lad that you just can't mistake..........its George (Irish) Barnby with a cracking Chub that weighed in

at 7lb 7ozs, well done George.



Saturday 3rd January 2015

Richard Brown had a mixed bag of fish float fishing, it really was a very wet and windy day here at Throop, but despite the awful weather he managed two small Chub around the 1lb mark, some Dace and Gudgeon plus 5/6 Roach then came his biggest fish, a Toothy Critter nabbed one of his Roach on the retrieve and this 7lb fish put a nice bend in his rod, so that was that for Saturday, Sunday was going to be spent cleaning all his tackle of mud. Well done Richard.

Monday 5th January 2015

Rod Courtland, loves to take underwater photos here at Throop, here are three of them for you to look at.
Many thanks Rod, keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.













Mark Baldwin struggled a bit today but did manage a Sea Trout of a couple of pounds, well done Mark.





Thursday 8th January 2015

And its Mark Baldwin who is once again on the river bank, and today is a bit special for Mark, apart from an Eel that was over the two lb mark he landed two Chub, one of 4lb11ozs and the second was that very special fish, a PB Chub of 6lb 5ozs, well done mate and congratulations.






Saturday 10th January 2015

Today saw Mark Church take advantage of a break in the weather conditions and was rewarded with two Barbel, one weighed in at 7lb whilst the other was a nice double of 13lb 2ozs, well done Mark a great catch and many thanks for your report, also congratulations to your son Jamie on his 34lb Carp from one of our club lakes.





Sunday 11th January 2015

Despite a nice sunny start to the day, the Millpool saw just a solitary Bream landed, two day ticket anglers managed 3 Pike between them using roving tactics, and that was it !.....just a few anglers on the banks.

Monday 12th January 2015

Not a soul on Throop today at lunchtime, the weather is poor, high winds and lashing rain, tomorrow has also got a nasty forecast.

Tuesday 20th January 2015

Only one report today and that was from Mark Baldwin, who found a nice quiet slack and landed a few Roach and Gudgeon, plus 6 nice Perch to just under 2lb.

Thursday 22th January 2015

And Mark Baldwin is back in his favourite spot, this time it was not as good, but he still managed to land a few Roach and three  Perch to just under 2lb.

The river has been producing a few Chub to float fished bread and maggots, also light link leger with bread and cheesepaste.

Sunday 25th January 2015

I have not been on the river this morning as yet, the current level has dropped to 0.71m the colour is still in the river but has dropped out quite a bit making Chub fishing a good possibility although the Barbel are few and far between at the moment with water temperatures still quite low, just as a guide the Avon temperature this morning at Knapp Mill was 5.47 c  or  41.8 f.....I like to see the water temperature at 44f and over for my Barbel fishing, but don't forget that old whiskers can be caught in very low temperatures....if your lucky.

Many thanks for all your reports and photos, sorry about the mix up between Pete and Gary, I am sure that they will set the record straight.

There is not that long to the end of the river season......just seven weeks left, lets hope we can get a few more lads having the last bash and bag up.

Please send me your catch reports whatever they are, or give me a ring, text or e-mail for any info on conditions. or ring or text on 07740777967.

Brian Willson 

Throop Bailiff

THROOP REPORT 19th December 2014

Hi Guys,

Ringwood fishing throop reportIt’s just over 4 weeks since my last report , so what has been happening ? well not a lot, it has been very quiet , in fact the river banks at times have been almost empty, the river has been up and down like a yo-yo, sometimes very coloured with the water temperature just right for the Barbel, but they have been very elusive and hard to tempt onto the bait.

So if the banks are bare, then I don't get many reports, but we do have a few reports for you with a few pictures.

So let me start by wishing all you Guys a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, and many thanks to all you brave souls that sat out on the cold damp banks trying to tempt a fish to the bait just to send me your report, and thanks for all the reports that were sent in.

Let’s start where I left off, Monday 17th November and it was Barbel fanatic Brian James who tempted a couple of fish, not Barbel, but a couple of Chub to 6lb.

Now just look at this, I had to wait until Friday 21st November for the next report, but it was worth the wait, a fine Barbel was landed by Malcolm Graham, this beauty weighed in at 12lb 10ozs, well done mate, many thanks for your report and photo.

ringwood fishing throop reportSaturday 22nd November

With the water temperature at 50.6 f or to the educated lot, 10.3 c which should have had anglers falling over one another to get onto the riverbank I only had one report and that was from Clive Woolner who had to work very hard just to tempt one Chub of 4lb 8ozs on the float, well done mate and thanks.


Sunday 23rd November

When you should be at church praying for that big one, a few people sneaked off to do a bit of fishing, the first was Dave Hamblen who tempted a nice Carp of 14lb to the net, and next up was local angler or should I say wangler, and yes I have spelt it right, David Norris who certainly puts in the hours and today he landed a nice Barbel of 11lb 12ozs, this was netted and photographed by his buddy, local resident, George, well done to you both.

There was also a report of a Barbel of 15lb being landed to an unknown angler.


ringwood fishing throop report

Monday 24th November

No reports today, there was an overnight frost, although the water temperature was a healthy 48 f or 8.8 c.


Friday 28th November.

We have jumped the whole week without a sniff of a report, but was saved today by a decision by Mike Lamb who decided to do one of his last knocking couple of hours, and it payed off with a PB Barbel of 14lb 12ozs, a tremendous fish in hard conditions, well done to you Mike, he did not get a photo, after such a hard fight in the dark, the fish was safely returned.

Congratulations Mike on your PB and once again, very well done.

Brian James was also on the banks today and managed a couple of Chub.


Saturday 29th November.

Just one report today, and once again it was from David Norris with a Chub of 6lb 2ozs, well done David and local  photographer George


Sunday 30th November.

You know the old saying, "you can’t keep a good man down", well he's done it again......

David Norris has captured a cracking Barbel of 14lb 2ozs

Once again George was on hand to net and photograph the fish, well done lads, and David is certainly putting in the hours and getting some great results.






Monday 1st December.

I just can't believe we have no reports from David Norris today, I reckon he feels guilty and has gone to work.

So today we have a report from Joe Froggett who seems to have this incredible habit of catching Pike on paste, and yes he has gone and done it again, another Pike falls for his bait, this has got me thinking, I reckon he moulds his paste in the shape of a fish to attract the toothy critters.

Also on this session Joe also captured a Chub.

Clive Woolner has got a great love for Roach fishing and today he proved it by bringing 6 fish to a pound to  the net plus the bonus of a 3lb Chub.

Chris Brewer landed  a nice Chub of 4lb 9ozs, well done we know that Chris has had a problem with shaky camera shots due to a crappy support, but today John Horncastle was on hand to photograph the fish and angler.....well done lads and thanks.

Wednesday 3rd December.

Aub Harrison and Avon Bailiff Merv Quick were on the banks today using trotting and roving tactics and managed 3 Chub around the 4lb mark.



Saturday 6th December.

Today was a lovely sunny day and there were just 8 anglers on the whole of the Beat, I met up with Mike and Steve from Bridgenorth, who were struggling up until we met, lets hope they caught something after I  left.

A couple of anglers were putting their floats through its paces, one was Tim Lampard who was just landing his third Chub whilst I was watching, and further downstream was Paul Fuller who just landed his 8th Chub, this fish was a good 6 pounder, well done to you both. 



Sunday 7th December.

After a hearty breakfast at the Lamb in Ringwood, Mike Bowker and Steve Williams returned to the riverbank, Mike landed a Chub of 5lb 12ozs and also one a bit smaller, and Steve landed a Jack Pike on last knockings, at least they caught on this very cold day.



Monday 8th December.

Merv Quick returned to the banks and using the same tactics as his previous visit took two Chub, one of 3lb 8ozs and a larger one of 5lb 7ozs, well done Merv, and thanks.



Tuesday 9th December.

Again the float was doing the business, and this time the angler that was at the other end of a successful rod was Pete Wilson, his catch was 11 Chub to 4lb 10ozs, he also lost a couple of lumps, but a very good session, well done Pete.



Thursday 11th December.

Joe "Pikey" Froggett was just one of two anglers on the fishery today, the other angler was on a day ticket from Exeter, so what has Joe been up to today ?..............the answer is that he did land another small Pike, it was so small that he put his hand in its mouth just to make it weigh a bit more, but this little Jack was not that stupid, it latched its teeth into his hand and drew blood, that will teach you for not remembering that even small Pike have got teeth.


Saturday 13th December.

Dave Norris and George Barnby have been so successful lately that they have decided to go undercover to hide their success, they have got new HATS, so what name can we give to this dynamic duo.........


To save his blank, George caught this Trout just after I left.....THE MAD HATTER STRIKES AGAIN.


So that just about wraps it up for 2014, it has been a tough year, lets hope 2015 brings more success.

Many thanks to all of you that sent me your reports, don't forget you can get river conditions from Chris Allport on 07789 408501

Send any reports to  or call me on 07740 777967 for river conditions.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

THROOP REPORT 16/11/2014

Hello and welcome to a rather late Throop report.

I must admit it has been a bit of a struggle waiting for the reports to come in, but many thanks to those of you that have obliged and sent me some photos and reports.

I suppose the weather conditions have not helped, one m

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