Throop Reports

THROOP REPORT 29/09/2014


Hello and welcome to another Throop report.

Again it seems a bit bleak with not that many reports are coming in, although in saying that, a big thank you for those of you that have sent me their reports.

I can’t  believe that as I sit at the computer and write this report the heavens have opened up and the rain is lashing down, its Wednesday the 24th Sept, and today is another first, I have a new e-mail service from BT, poor old Yahoo is no longer, they have served me well, it took me 30 years to get the hang of their service and now I have to start all over again, another 30 years to get to grips with the new system which will make me 101 years old.

So what has been happening on the river ? .........well we do need lots of rain to increase the water level and get a nice flow going in some of the deeper swims.

We have had days when quite a few anglers have been on the riverbank, but mostly it has been very quiet with just a few lads on the banks, the visiting anglers seemed to have made up the majority.

Saturday 30th August.

Chris Clark fished a very prolific swim that can produce some fine specimens, but this particular swim has struggled all this season for some reason, and this session was no exception, using maggots he attracted one of our famous species, THE MINNOW, but on a very tough day one of these little  fish took a shine to his bait and was well and truly hooked, but this was not the end, one of the Toothy Critters took a shine to his freshly caught Minnow and hey presto ! a 5lb 8oz Pike was brought to the net.

Although he does not normally fish for this species it was very welcome on a tough day.

                      CHRIS CLARK AND A 5lb 8oz PIKE

Sunday August 31st.

A report came in today which, although a bit sparse is worth a report, Dave the painter !  ( sorry that's all I got ) landed a nice Barbel of 12lb 14ozs.

Richard Brown was back on the banks today having a rest from the university where he works, and today he had 5 Chub to 3lb caught on various methods, so well done Richard especially on a difficult day, but then came the bad news, his 30 year old waders have finally given up the ghost and he will now have to dig deep and buy a new pair, this really is a shame, everyone would recognise him by this big brown baggy pair.

So just to help out Richard to choose a new pair, I have got three photos for him to choose from. I bet you lot click on the SHORT ONES to get a better look.




I had an early morning session and all I could manage was a very large Eel, and no I did not weigh it, I never wanted it in the first place.

Tuesday September 2nd.

Just one report came in for today and that came from Bailiff Peter Hilken who had a mixed bag, 4 Bream, Roach, Dace, Pike and two Perch, well done Peter and thanks for the report.

For those of you that like Perch fishing, here at Throop there are some fine specimens which grow to some great sizes with fish growing to over 4lb, and there have been many Perch showing lately.

Thursday September 4th.

At last David Norris has captured his first Barbel of the season, it was captured on Sunday 24th August and today I received the details, well done David and many thanks for your report and photo, a cracking first of the season weighing in at 13lb.


But that is not all.............on Wednesday 27th August he landed his PB Chub of 6lb 8ozs.....congratulations on your PB mate.


And if you thought that was it, you would be completely wrong...........what on earth has he trod in, on Sunday 31st of August he has gone and done it again, another Barbel, and this beauty weighed in at 13lb 9ozs, and many thanks to Irish George who was on hand to photograph another double.


Aaran Morgan is again on the banks and again being very successful, this session saw him land two Chub, one at 6lb 2ozs and the biggest at 6lb 5ozs.

Well done again Aaran.

AARAN AND A 6lb 5oz CHUB        

Saturday 6th September.

And it’s another PB, this one goes to Tony Riley who captured two Chub, one weighed in at 5lb whilst the PB hit the scales at 6lb 2ozs.

Well done mate and congratulations on your PB.


Sunday 7th September.

The only report for today was from Ivan Hoare who had a pleasant evening session landing two Chub to 3lb plus 8 Perch to 1lb, well done Ivan.

Monday 8th September.

Roach man Mark Wintle was again applying his float tactics and had a mixed bag of fish, they were made up of Roach and Dace, there were over 100 fish captured with the best fish, a Roach, weighing 1lb 6ozs.

Next up is Chris Brewer who by his own admission has been having camera problems, it seems that the camera and the gadget that holds it are not talking anymore and they have developed a wobble, but despite all this he did manage to land a nice Barbel of 12lb 2ozs, well done Chris, but unfortunately the first photo shows the Barbel only weighing 2lb 1oz, that's because of the wobble we can only see a bit of the fish.


Tuesday 9th September.

And its Tony Riley with a nice Barbel, I say nice because we just love to see this size of fish coming through, 7lb 1oz was its weight, well done Tony and thanks to Chris Allport for taking the photo.


Three lads were up and down the riverbank today, there was newlywed Luke, his buddy Sam, and Uncle Terry, who was reliving his boyhood days whilst wading and catching some well-earned Chub up to 1lb . Luke captured 3 Chub to 6lb whilst Sam landed a 4lb 12ozs fish.

Well done lads and what a great and gruelling day you had together, many thanks for your report.


Wednesday 10th September.

Not only have I been struggling to get some reports but I have been struggling for over an hour to get the computer working again, don't ask what I done but it’s on the mend again, fingers crossed when I put the pictures on.

Laurie Goldsmith was on the banks today and landed 6 Perch in the first 30 minutes with the best fish weighing 1lb 5ozs.


So what's his secret ? I think I have found the answer, could it be this ?


Thursday 11th September.

Jim was down from Newcastle on one of his weekly visits, this one was not the greatest, and yes we have all done it, he left his rod and reel leaning up against the fence at School Bridge whilst he was loading his car, and sure enough off he drove leaving his pride and joy behind, well after a few phone calls and a plea of help on the Ringwood forum one of our members Paul Allen replied and I am glad to say that Jim may soon be reunited with his beloved gear.

Many thanks to Paul for his help in the matter...........good on yer mate.

Friday 12th September.

And it’s very quiet on Beat two today, just four anglers were on the bank at 4.00pm.

Bailiff Sid Johnson was one of them and managed to land a nice Chub of 6lb, well done Sid.

Saturday 13th September.

They say that 13 is unlucky, I suppose they could be right, only one report today and that was from Steve Johns who landed a nice Barbel of 12lb 9ozs.

He was a BIT unlucky, it could well have been 13lb on such a memorable day.........well done Steve.

Sunday 14th September.

Those two buddies were back on the banks again, and this time Luke and Sam went back to basics with their fishing methods, this time they were roving and covering a lot of ground, Luke had 5 good Chub to 5lb 5ozs plus some nice Perch to 1lb 8ozs, whilst Sam had a great Chub of 5lb 10zs and cried when he lost a bigger one which liked the large weed bed better than his landing net, but Sam's best moment of the day was when he landed a splendid Perch of 2lb 4ozs.......Sam may have caught some more but he had to rush home for a shave.

Well done lads and many thanks for your report.

SAM AND A 5lb 10oz CHUBSAM AND A 2lb 4oz PERCH

Tuesday 16th September.

Aaran Morgan has hit another 6, this time it's a 6lb 3oz Chub, well done mate you are certainly catch a few this season.

Ivan Hoare was again into some fish, this time it was 4 Chub to 4lb plus some nice Perch to 1lb....well done again.

For those of you that like Br**m, sorry about the dreaded word, but Mark Baldwin had one of those slabs that weighed in at 6lb 10ozs, well done mate.

Friday 19th September.

A day to remember for Bailiff Peter Hilken, apart from four Bream he put his rod and skills to the test by landing a nice PB Barbel of 12lb 8ozs, well done Peter and from your photo you look well delighted, congratulations on your PB.


Wednesday 24th September.

Tony Riley text me saying that he had landed a Chub of 4lb 12ozs and a chap further along the river had Bream to 6lb.

I was also fishing........or trying to, 25 Ducks in the swim.....2 Cormorants....1 Otter....1 large Pike....two large Owls screeching at one another.

So what did I catch.............don't be daft, not a bite, even an hour into darkness.


Have you ever wondered about your favourite fishing hat, as a Bailiff it’s amazing how you can walk the banks and see another angler and recognise him by his hat.

For example......Pete Reading......Jon Cadd.....Des Norris....Scott Mosley.....Irish George...........and my new one.


Many thanks for all your reports, pray for some rain.

If you require any river info you can contact Chris Allport on 07789 408501.

Or call me on 07740 777967 or e-mail me  for your reports or info.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

THROOP REPORT 01/09/2014 

Hi Guys,


Today saw the release of 900 Barbel into Beat 2.............these fish are all about 6 inches long and are our fish for the future.
Another 600 will be released at the end of September.
A lot of these fish have been marked with a blue spot on their underside.

They were purchased by R.D.A.A. and the Barbel Society.

Many thanks goes out to Phil Nixon and Pete Reading for their tireless work in organising and obtaining the fish.

These fish were obtained from Bowlake Fish Farm and were delivered by the owners Pat and Chris.
You can log on to their website which is.

click on link.   

A few anglers were on the river today and saw the release of these little beauties, they were released by Chris and Pat from Bowlake, also present was Chris Allport, Pete Reading and myself.

Phil Nixon would have loved to have been be present but due to another important commitment he was unable to attend.

It was great to see Pat and Chris meet up with a few of their ex-pupils from Sparsholt College.

So let’s hope these little beauties hide their self away until they reach 16lb +.



It has been the slowest few weeks for receiving reports, so there must be a million reason why this is happening, but that's life.




We had a PB today, and it's Aaran Morgan, he is doing very well at the moment and today is no exception, he landed 6 Chub with the best fish weighing in at 6lb 9ozs a new PB, well done mate and thanks for you report.





Today sees a nice double figure Barbel, this was captured by Steve Taylor who apparently was shown a few tips by Bailiff Steve New

who is delighted that his plan worked, this cracker weighed in at 13lb 4ozs....well done Mr Taylor, but that's not all.......


Two days later, he capture another double, again using tips supplied by Mr New, and this time on Wednesday 13th August, he landed another cracker, this fish weighed in at 12lb 4ozs........what a great couple of sessions, I bet Mr New must be a bit envious now.

Many thanks to you two lads for your report and photo's.





I know that Ian Boniface loves his Roach fishing and the Roach have been coming out throughout the Beat, and to prove his success here is a picture of a 2lb Roach that Ian brought to the net, well done mate.








Today was very quiet but I managed a few hours fishing with Tina, no Barbel or Chub today but a Perch was caught by Tina and I had a Roach, both fish fell to our pellet baits meant for Barbel.




Today belonged to Muss, now that is his nickname, his first name is Andrew, his surname is ?????Musselthwait...or Musselwait ???

I am completely at a loss on how to spell it, let’s stick to his nickname plain old MUSS.


Today he captured his smallest Barbel that has seen his net, this weighed in at 6lb 4ozs, but it was on last knockings when his rod had a 

3 foot twitch and revealed a beautiful Barbel of 12lb 12oz......well done mate, sorry about the spelling.




Today is Tina's birthday, and that means only one thing, a trip the shops to see how much money I can get rid of.


Rick was doing great today, ( I don't think ) was slimy day for him, one Eel and one Bream that weighed about 4/5 lb.


Bailiff Andy Wyatt had a nice bag of fish, 4 Bream and a Roach of 1lb 9ozs, plus the addition of one nice double figure Barbel,

this fish hit the scales at 12lb 7ozs, well done mate, thanks for your report.


ANDY AND A 12lb 7oz BARBEL  



The only report today was from Tony Riley who landed two Chub, one of 3lb 14ozs and the other at 4lb 12oz, well done Tony, things are a bit tough at the moment.




And today the report I had was from Bailiff Sid Thomson, who found a  shoal of feeding Bream, 7 fell to his rod, all of the average size of about 4lb.

There was also an unconfirmed report of a Barbel being landed of between 9/11lb.




Again I only had one report today and that was from Mark Baldwin, he landed a Bream of 4lb 12ozs plus a Barbel of 7lb 4ozs,

well done Mark and thanks for your report, it is nice to see some of those mid-range Barbel making a show.

 MARK AND A 4lb 12oz BreamMARK AND A 7lb 4oz BARBEL




Mick Browning reported a couple of fish, a Chub 4lb and a nice Barbel of 10lb 2ozs, well done Mick and thanks for your report.


Now everyone who fishes Throop knows our own permanent fixture, and by that I mean a lad that is on the water most of the time

and that is Irish George, and today he landed a very well deserved Barbel of 14lb 4ozs, this is one of the largest so far this season, many thanks to George for his report a very good photo....cheers mate.




So thank you all for your well received reports, please keep them coming in.


At the moment the water level is up a touch, this is much needed, the river is looking very good.

check out the link, this is an up to date water level which updated each day by the E.A.


Also for those of you that have to travel a few miles to the fishery, check out and keep this link, it's for the 10 day weather forecast for Bournemouth.




If you require any up to date information on river conditions you can phone the Throop manager Chris Allport on 07789 408503.


or you can give me a ring for any river conditions and catch reports on 07740 777967 or e-mail me at

Good luck to you all.



Brian Willson Bailiff.


Welcome to a rather delayed Throop report, yes I know it's a nuisance and you have been flitting to and fro on your computer wondering what the hell is going on, well it’s here now.


Let’s make a few excuses.......the computer has been playing up lately .............True.

I have been decorating.........................................................................................False.

I have been on holiday.........................................................................................False.

I have been sitting on my butt waiting for the reports to come in.........................True.


On the last report, I mentioned my old buddy Chris Martin from Angling Direct at Rayleigh, how good it was to see him again, so for those of you that could not put a face to the name, here is a photo of Chris.




Sorry guys that's the best I can do, you must have parted with a few quid into his sweaty palm over the years.


Tuesday July 22nd.


Today I only received one report, but it was a good one, it was from Ian Boniface with a PB Barbel of 13lb 14ozs, well done Ian a great catch and thanks for your report.

Ian was also the captor of that small Barbel that was featured in the last Throop report.


IAN AND HIS 13lb 14oz PB BARBEL            


By the way, I forget of another reason why the reports were was medical.......Tendonitis........True.



Thursday July 24th


 The only catch over the last couple of days was from Joe Froggett, who captured a nice Roach, just to add, there have been plenty of Roach that have been seen in the river this season, once we have a bit of water on and a decline in the weed, I hope to see quite a few good captures especially to the float angler.




Friday July 25th


Another grim day for the anglers that sat out the thunderstorm that last 20 minutes at 4.55pm.

Just a couple of anglers sent in their report,

Rick Willson had a Chub of 4lb, but the best reported fish of the day goes to Joey Croft with a nice fish of 6lb 8ozs, so todays winner is Joey, well done mate and many thanks for your report.


Sunday July 27th


As you can see, no catch reports for Saturday, believe it or not, Saturday can be very quiet on a lot of the fisheries, and that because it’s what we call change over day, that means that our visiting anglers are either going home or on their way to Dorset.


So now for today, the first was the capture of a 13lb 5oz Barbel to an unknown angler.


The second Barbel caught goes to Gordon Barrett with a fish of 12lb 5ozs, well done Gordon.


And thirdly a cracking Barbel of 12lb 13ozs which was captured by Aaron Morgan, it was also a PB which makes it even more special,

well done mate and many thanks for your report and a cracking photo.




Monday July 28th


All I have got today was a reported Chub of 7lb 8ozs, capture was unknown.


Tuesday July 29th.


Today was weed cutting day, and Chris found a window of opportunity to enter the river and cut some weed.




I have a bit of confusion on a name here, I hope I have got it right, if not, sorry I am sure we will put it right, the name in question is

Paul Blythman, and his fish is a nice Barbel of 11lb........well done Paul, that bits right.




Thursday  July 31st.


And again we jump a day, but we do have a few fish captures, firstly its Bailiff Sid, you know the one, he's got a beard and been around for years, today he landed a nice Chub of 6lb.




So now that has reminded you of who I mean, well done Sid, mind you it could have been bigger or smaller...should have gone to



Father and son Steve and Mac were battling it out in the scorching heat, the fishing was a bit hard but young Steve did manage a Perch of about a pound  and three quarters, well done, nice to have met you both, and thanks for the visit.


Robin Hamilton managed three Chub and once again we have seen captured one of those small Barbel, this one weighed in at 2lb 1oz, and how great it is to see these babies making a show, well done Robin on the capture of one of these hard to catch future fish.


The next catch was quite remarkable, I was sitting with Andy Wyatt, he had just started and had three Bream whilst I watched, but what was remarkable the fish came in three casts, and one of the bites almost took the rod off the rest, it had to be the most savage bites I have seen from a Bream, these fish were all around the 4lb mark, Andy went on to capture another 8 Bream bringing his tally of these slabs to 10 fish  all in a 20 minute spell, plus he landed a Roach of 12ozs and finished the day with a nice Barbel of 12lb 7ozs.

Well done Andy..........I wonder how long it took to clean your landing net ?




Friday August 1st.


The biggest catch of the year goes to Luke Guarguaglini, also known as" Luke GaGa ", for today he married his long term girlfriend

Natasha Adlem, very good luck to you both especially Natasha who will spend the rest of her married life spelling out the name to all.

Many thanks from myself and Chris for the invite to the wedding, a good few hours spent in great surroundings and company.


Rick Willson had to fish without me today.......what do you mean HOORAY, and he managed a Chub of 5lb 9ozs.


Russ Chandler had a great Chub of 6lb 8ozs, well done Russ a cracking fish.


Brett Chandler ( yes the son of Russ, you worked it out ) has at long last renewed his membership and has not forgotten how to catch some fish, in the last three sessions he has landed 9 Chub to 5lb 4ozs......4 Bream to 7lb 9ozs plus some Pike and Perch.

Rumour has it that you showed Daddy a special rig, and THAT is how he caught his fish.


And the last bit of news today........we have had some rain at last.


Saturday August 2nd.


The river is rising and there is a fair amount of weed that is being washed down, this was expected, due to the weed cut which had to be done.

Myself and Rick blanked, whilst Chris Brewer landed a Chub of about 4lb.


Plenty of silver fish were being caught to the float anglers.


Toney Riley took a couple of Chub and a couple of Bream, all of about 3lb.


Sunday August 3rd.


The only report in for today was from Aaran Morgan who landed 5 Chub and 2 Bream, the best fish was a 6lb 5oz Chub which was also a PB, so well done mate and congratulations.


Monday August 4th.


The water is up slightly with a touch more colour but is looking very nice.

There a just a few anglers fishing today, which makes obtaining catches very difficult.


Silver fish are still making a good show to the anglers that are float fishing, and the Roach are still to be seen.


I caught up with Brett Chandler this evening, and he is still having some success, he landed a Chub and a Bream whilst I was watching.


Wednesday August 6th.


And the phantom angler was again on the banks, this day ticket angler landed two fish, a Chub of 5lb 6ozs and a Barbel of 11lb 8ozs, well done whoever you are, if you read this and recognize the catch, let me know.


Again another small Barbel has been caught, this one was about 2lb, I have never known so many small Barbel being caught, but it really is great to see.


Again some Chub and Roach have been caught, but no details were forwarded.


Thursday August 7th.


I decided to have a go at some float fishing, I landed four Roach, a Perch and a Bream of about 4lb, but unfortunately the going was tough after being pestered by Pike, the first Roach that I landed could have made a pound if it had not been bitten to bits by toothy gob.

Tina had a Chub of 4lb, but the going was tough today, and a struggle for bites.


Malcolm Graham, done ok, he landed two Chub and also a nice Barbel of 12lb 8ozs, many thanks to Rod Courtman who was on hand to take a photo.




Danny Cornick is next on the list with a cracking Chub, this fish is a PB for Danny weighing in at 6lb 9ozs, well done and congratulations on your PB, and many thanks to Brett Chandler for the photo.




Friday August 8th


The rain started at 5.00 pm, as myself and Rick arrived on the fishery, there we remained without a bite until 9.45 pm, that's when we packed up, and also that's when the rain stopped.


Saturday August 9th.


Today quite a few day ticket anglers were on the banks, again Silver fish were being caught along with a few Chub and Bream.


I managed a Roach of about 12ozs plus a Chub of about 2lb.


Robbie Allen landed a Barbel of 12lb 8ozs, whilst his son Paul had two fish, a Chub of 5lb, plus a Barbel of  11lb.


Well done you two, not bad for a few hours on the bank.


Best fish of the day goes to Joey Croft with a Barbel of 13lb 4ozs, well done Joey, many thanks for your report.




Well that's it for another report, the weather has once again kept many anglers off the river due to the heat, the evening sessions have been the best, nice warm evenings.


If you have any catch reports please contact me on 07740777967 or e-mail me at


If you require any information on river conditions you can contact me on the above number, or you can contact the fishery manager,


Chris Allport on 07789 408501.


Many thanks for all your reports..............Don't forget to click on the photo's to make them bigger.



Brian Willson.


Hello and welcome to the Throop report.


As I write this report today, 22-7-2014, the outside temperature is beyond belief, the static reading in my car was 37 degrees, the seats were too hot to sit on.

So what has a hot car got to do with fishing ?............Its keeping many anglers off the banks, but we do have a few catches and some pictures.


Saturday July 5th.


Today Keith Little was on the banks at the start of his two week fishing break at Throop, two Chub were banked by Keith, one of

5lb 5ozs and the other at 5lb 2ozs, but his best fish was a cracking Barbel that weighed in at 13lb 15ozs.........what a great start, and very well done.


Brian James also landed two Chub, but his biggest fish came in the shape of a Pike that took a shine to his meat bait, this fish was about 7lb in weight, but there was also a much bigger monster lurking in the swim, so there were no Barbel for Brian in this session.


There were a lot of canoes that were making their way down the river today, this was not helping any of the lads that were fishing.

Canoes and other watercraft are not allowed on Throop, they should not be there, but unfortunately at the moment there is not too much that can be done, there are plans in place to try and stop this invasion and we will do our best to get it stopped.

On this particular day it was a lot of students who were trying their luck in their blow-up dinghy's.

We have had a meeting with the Police who will act if any aggression is created by these people.


Joe Froggett has at last posted me a photo of a proper fish and not that snake like creature that he had on his last report, this Chub weighed 5lb 6ozs, well done Joe and thanks.


JOE AND A CHUB OF 5lb 6ozs.                       


Mark Edkins also sent in a photo of a Chub, this fish was not a monster but a very welcome 4lb 5oz Chub, it never ceases to amaze me how some people can look really good in photos.

Could it be the hat ?.................NO !.......................I wear a hat, it must be his good looks and age.


MARK EDKIN AND A 4lb 5oz Chub.                      


Sean Dent is next on my list, you must remember this guy.......he is always eating and never fails to send me his menu.

Can you remember on one of my previous reports I called him SEAN "Billy Bunter" 

Well todays menu was very sparse by Sean's standards,

1 large bag od Doritos.

2 Apples.

1 Banana.................I reckon he must be on a diet, but it never stopped him catching a few.

Two Chub....5lb and a monster of 7lb 5ozs.

One Barbel of 9lb 5ozs................and a perch, well done Sean.


   SEAN'S PERCH         SEAN'S BARBEL OF 9lb 5ozs.      



Sunday July 6th


The only report I had in for today was from Keith Little, todays tally was,

Two Chub.......4lb 10ozs....5lb 4ozs.

One Bream of 5lb.

And last but not least, another cracking Barbel, this one weighed in at 12lb 12ozs, well done mate, what a good start.


Keith's story is not over yet, he always seems to have problems with the animals, on previous visits he had a horse nick his chair which he had to run after to get it back, the horse had the last laugh when it chewed one of  Keith's wing mirrors on his car, he had left his car by a wall and Dobbin put his head over the wall for a munch up.

He also had a Cow pinch one of his rod tip protectors, which again resulted in a running session.

So today as he was unpacking his car, in the same spot that saw a horse nick his chair and chew his wing mirror, he placed his gear on the ground on the other side of the fence, and low and behold, overcame old Dobbin who swiped his Turkey sandwich and made of with them at a fair old rate knots................Keith ! never learn.....Just a bit of advice, keep away from Zoo's.


Monday July 7th


And again the only report of the day came from Keith Little who landed 6 Chub to 6lb 1oz.

Well done again Keith and many thanks for your report.


Tuesday July 8th


And once again it’s the Keith Little show........sorry guys, our Keith seems to be the only one catching fish.

Today Keith had a Chub of 5lb 5ozs, and yes he has done it again, no not chased or molested by animals, he has taken his Third double figure Barbel, this one was the biggest of the three that he has banked so far this week and it weighed in at 13lb 15ozs, what a great start, well done mate, and well deserved especially after last season awful sessions you had in the very bad weather and floods.

BUT WAIT..............................

Sid has caught a Chub of 5lb 8ozs..........well done Sid, did you borrow some of Keith's bait ?


Wednesday July 9th.


And Sid has gone and done it again, he must have had a bit of Keith's bait left over......a Chub of 5lb 8ozs....good on yer mate.


Do you remember our old mate, or should I say young mate, Stephen Crowhurst, he is the lad that fell in, lost his net, lost his fish and got an electric shock off the fence.............

Well he has landed his first Throop Barbel of the season, a very welcome fish of 7lb........well done Stephen.




Friday July 11th


Just two catch reports for today, the first from Joey Croft with two Chub to just over 5lb, and myself managed to charm out a fish,

a Chub of 5lb 15ozs.


Monday July 14th


Not one single report came in for the weekend, but I must say that the lack of anglers on the banks must be that there are not many people fishing................ok it’s a joke, not funny I know, but I wish more people would respond to our begging for more catch reports.


A couple of Barbel catches were reported by blanking anglers, you know the thing " a bloke down there had a 12 pounder "

but they are all worth reporting.

Another capture were two Barbel, one of 10lb 8ozs and the other went over 12lb, he also had two Chub to 5lb 8ozs, a photo was taken by one of our members, but again nothing was received.

Sorry guys I really am doing my best.


Tuesday July 15th.


And again it's our visiting anglers who are so pleased to be catching one or two fish and sending in their report,

Jim Quartermain has landed a nice Chub of 6lb 4ozs, Jim is from Tyne and Wear and is spending a bit of time with us, well done mate and thanks for your report and photo.




Robin Hamilton from the other side of the M25 landed 4 Chub and a few Dace..........thanks Robin.


Wednesday July 17th


A rare but great occasion for me was my wife Tina deciding to come with me for a spot of fishing, I decided to watch and see how it was done, Tina is a very good angler and has caught many good fish including many double figure Barbel to 13lb 5ozs, so it was an evening fishing session, and she did not disappoint, she landed a Chub of  4lb 2ozs, well done.


Alex Ball had a cracking session, 4 Chub to 5lb 12ozs, one Barbel of 9lb 4ozs and a magical PB......a Barbel of 11lb 8ozs, well done mate there is nothing nicer than a fabulous PB.

Alex also had a haul of six Chub to 6lb12ozs a few days earlier.




Scott Moseley decided on some Tench fishing on one of our slower Beats and was rewarded with a nice bag of fish, two Bream and

two Tench, 5lb 12ozs and 6lb.     well done Scott.




Scott also took his son Tyler for his birthday fishing session, he was 5 years old.........and what a birthday treat for Tyler and Scott, the young lad caught his very first Perch which weighed in at 2lb 9ozs, now that's what I call a moment to treasure.




Next up is Jim Quartermain, who had a bit of an experience, his rod was bent double on a nice fish, Jim ended up in the river to retrieve what was left of a broken rod, but all was not lost, he got his broken rod back plus a nice Barbel of 11lb 8ozs.

Well done Jim.


Saturday July 19th


 Tina decided to once again come fishing, she landed a small Chub, a sizeable Dace and a Roach of 1 lb


I had a Gudgeon who somehow managed to gobble down a large Elip pellet, whilst Rick landed a Chub of 4lb 4ozs.


Alex Ball was again on the banks for another session, and he hit top marks with another PB, a Barbel of 12lb 2ozs, well done again Alex.




Sunday July 20th


A very delighted Keith Humphreys landed his first Throop Barbel of the season, 8lb 8ozs, well done on your new landing net handle.


A report of a Barbel came in that was caught weighing 13lb 14ozs, but once again it’s to an unknown angler.


Scott Moseley really has got the Tench bug, so apart from one Bream, a Tench of 6lb 6ozs is brought to the net, once again well done.




Monday July 21st


And just one report came in for today, and that was from my old mate Chris Martin from Essex, if the name sounds familiar, it’s the same Chris Martin who was the manager of Angling Direct at Rayleigh and Gone Fishing on Canvey Island.

Chris persevered with large baits to no avail, but a change of tactics saw some success with plenty of silver fish and a Perch of about 1.5lb..........a nice Surprise was a Trout of about 3lb.








Well that's it for another report, it’s such a shame that some of the catches are not reported, but that is entirely up to the captors.


At the moment the river is looking very good, there is a drop more water on and the colour is not that bad, at the moment there is a tiny amount of weed that is coming downstream but that is expected after such a drop in water levels.


The real problem at the moment has been the heat, it has been unbearable, most of the lads have been fishing the evening session after the sun has gone down.


Well done to all you lads that have had success on the riverbank and many thanks to all of you that sent in your reports, without you we would not have a report.


Reports can be sent to me either by text, phone or e-mail, PHONE 07740 777967 or E- MAIL


For any river conditions or advice contact me on the above numbers.

Or contact Throop Manager, Chris Allport on 07789 408501.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff............................Good Luck All. is a photo of a small Barbel of about 1.5lb.





Hi Everyone and welcome to another Throop Report for the 2014/2015 Season.

Many apologies for being a couple of weeks late, it seems that work at home has caught up with me, mind you I certainly got a lot done which was worthwhile.

The start of the season was celebrated by the annual barbeque, there weren't that many people there, but those that did turn up had a few beers and plenty of grub, a couple of highlights were the Kebabs that Des Norris brought with him, truly delicious.

The other highlight was Irish George who went off for the midnight start with enough burgers and sausages to supply McDonalds, which would last a fortnight.

One of the Barbie Boys was Laurence Goldsmith who's midnight start resulted in a nice bag of fish, he had five Bream to six Chub to 5lb 12ozs..........well done mate.




Steve Graham was unlucky at today’s start, he hooked and lost a good Barbel estimated at 13lb...........gutted....dropped at the net....unlucky mate.


There was a report of three Barbel caught down the end of the beat.


Rick Willson landed a couple of Chub to about 4lb..............and yes, I sat opposite him and blanked.


There were plenty of Chub and Bream caught throughout the beat.


Amongst the Chub and Bream was Steve Johns, and as an added bonus he hooked and landed a Carp of 14lb 2ozs...nice one Steve. 


Joe Froggett, may have been at his wits end, and the reason was............EELS in his swim, three of them were landed, now I have taken the liberty of including a photo of Joe..........he is the only angler I know that picks up eels and has his photo done with one, well done Joe, I hope you washed your hands before you dived into your sandwiches.




The star of the day has to be Scott Mosley, two cracking Chub fell to the net....5lb 10ozs and 6lb 5ozs, plus a cracking PB .............

a Barbel of 13lb 4ozs............well done Scott and congratulations.





I must add that there are not many anglers on the riverbank for the opening week, but the weather has been very pleasant although there is plenty of colour in the water which makes fish spotting impossible.


So today, June 17th saw three Barbel caught, I had a nice clean fish of 8lb 7ozs.




Mick Browning also had a nice Barbel that weighed in at 7lb.


The biggest reported fish of the day was from Sam Pask who landed a Barbel of 11lb..........well done Sam.




Wednesday the 18th of June and remarkably the fishery is sparse of anglers, so todays story belongs to Stephen Crowhurst,

now this is a cracker......................................

Stephen chose his swim and carefully put his hard work and tactics into operation, he was soon delighted to see his rod arch over, and he was soon into a cracking Barbel,.....but OH DEAR..........his plan seamed thwarted by a landing net handle that was too short for this particular swim, as he brought his prize towards the rim of the net, he overstretched and went head first into the swim, needless to say he lost the Barbel, but that was not all..........his net was also gone, so soaking wet he dragged himself out of water and cursed his luck, but Irish George was on the other side of the river and made a gallant effort in retrieving Stephens net, so well done to George.

Stephen then sloshed his way back to School Bridge to get his net from George..........he must be a bit happier now..........NO !

It was at this point that Stephen, soaking wet managed to touch the electric fence....ZAP !

Unlucky Stephen, at least you now have a nice long handle........many thanks in sharing you story, I thought it was great.




Mark Church had a short session before lunch and landed a couple of small Chub.


Thursday the 19th June.

Just one report came in today and that was from Robin Hamilton, who fell asleep in his chair, now whether that was from the heat or just boredom, but he woke up very grumpy and did not know whether or not to move out of the sun, but he decided to stay where he was, his decision paid of, he was no longer grumpy,...... he just landed a Barbel of 7lb 4oz.......good decision Rob.




Friday 20th June.


Just two reports came in today, and again there were not many anglers on the banks, the first came in from Bailiff  Sid Johnson who landed a Chub of 6lb.


Dan Crossman reported a nice capture of a Barbel of 11lb 8ozs.................well done Sid and Dan.


Saturday 21st June.


Today there was a report of a Barbel being lost which is a great shame to the angler, unlucky mate.


John Horncastle had three Chub to 6lb 6ozs.



Chris Brewer had a Chub of 4lb 8ozs, and the chap in the next swim landed a Barbel of 10lb 14ozs.


The catch of the day has to go to Steve Munn with an amazing 18 Chub haul in his session, the list is as follows,

CHUB...5lb 11ozs...5lb 9ozs...5lb 4ozs...5lb 3ozs x 2... 7 in the 4lb range....5 in the 3lb range, one of about 12ozs plus a Bream of 4lb.

Now that is what we call a good day on the riverbank.......well done Steve.


Oh, I almost forgot..........I managed a Chub of 4lb 10ozs.


Sunday 22ond June.

And I only had one report for today, and that was from Aaran Morgan who had a 10 Chub haul with fish to 5lb 8ozs.

Well done Aaran, you saved the day.




Monday 23rd June.

Congratulations to Bailiff Sid Johnson on his PB Chub of 7lb........we are all delighted for you, well done Sid.


Another Bailiff catch, and that goes to Andy Wyatt with a nice haul of Chub, 5 over 4lb with the best fish weighing in at 5lb 2ozs.

Well done Andy, and it’s great to see you on the firm.


Aaran Morgan is again on the banks, and this time it’s an after work session, first fish was a Chub of 4lb then ......WHAM......

A Carp takes the bait and is weighed in at 18lb......good stuff Aaran, well done.




Tuesday 24th June.

Mark Edkins had plenty of bites today, and most were the Mozzys, but he did manage one Chub of 4lb 5ozs.




Wednesday 25th June.

Just one report for today and that was from Sid Johnson with a Chub of 6lb.


Thursday 26th June.

Chris Brewer had a baby Barbel, I don't know the weight, we just love to see small Barbel.


Kenny Thompson is very successful on the Royalty and has struggled a bit on Throop, but today he landed his first Barbel from the river in two years, not a monster, but a very welcome 7lb 10oz fish.........nice one Kenny.


Peter Lane had an 8 Chub haul, all over 4lb, then 5lb 8ozs.....5lb 12ozs....and two at 6lb 4ozs, another great session, well done.


Friday 27th June.

No reports.


Saturday 28th June.


Again a very empty fishery, but it was Andy Wyatt who braved the heat of the day and a monstrous rain storm, he captured 5 Chub all 4lbers plus one Perch.


Sunday 29th June.

Chris Brewer had a Barbel of 5lb.


Tony Riley was back on the banks but could not avoid the Eels, but nice to see you back again Tony.


Monday 30th June.

Alan Paget landed a nice Barbel of 11lb 3ozs and also had a haul of 6 Chub a few days earlier.


Tuesday 1st July.

Stephen Crowhurst  had a Chub of 4/5lb in an early morning session.


The best Barbel of the season came from Jim Hart on last knockings, a beautiful fish of 14lb 4ozs, and its also a PB for Jim, congratulations and well done mate.




Jim's fishing buddy, Gareth " TRIGGER" did manage a couple of 5lb Chub.....well done TRIG.


October, 2014
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